ACE Image Factory offers a full VFX service and covers all aspects of post production, using the most up-to-date creative technology and software. We work on a wide range of productions such as feature films, shorts, commercials, documentaries, tv series and other audiovisual projects.

We organize every detail of your journey with us. We take care of your technical requirements, planning, journey, stay and even your bed-time chocolate.

Besides our studios we provide a cosy bar, pool table, restaurant and terrace (with loads of daylight).

You are more than welcome to drop by to discover our studios in Zaventem. We will gladly show you our Quantel RIO color grading system and online suite and are very interested in learning more about your new project.

Just give us a call or drop us an e-mail. We're flexible.





We offer a choice of solutions that helps directors and cinematographers to realize their vision, with results that excel both technically and creatively.

With the QUANTEL RIO we offer greater and more flexible creative freedom with the ULTIMATE QUALITY of the new color and 3D-stereoscopic tools.

Our RIO Assist can also be used as the ON-SET digital lab, allowing you to PREVIEW YOUR RUSHES WITH COLOR SETTINGS on the fly or even pre-editing your footage as you shoot.
Our 15-seats screening room with fully calibrated BARCO 3D-STEREOSCOPIC DIGITAL PROJECTOR (DP90-P) boasts a full-blown Quantel RIO, allowing you to SEE YOUR COLOR GRADING IN REAL-TIME UP TO 4K ON BIG SCREEN.


We use the latest version of NukeX, Foundry's powerful compositing tool, to create high quality visual effects.

NukeX is the production proven visual effects tool that brings speed, functionality and flexibility to our VFX pipeline.
Its comprehensive and tightly integrated CG environment allows our artists to combine live-action 2D and CGI elements seamlessly and quickly.  NukeX comes with a 3D camera tracker, a Planar tracker and 3D particles.


Online finishing and DI at SD, HD, 2K, 4K and 3D-Stereo.
With QUANTEL RIO we can tackle the most demanding tasks in online finishing.

Equipped with the latest software and power-boosted, the Quantel RIO covers the entire DI spectrum from pre-visualisation to assembly and conform, from visual effects and grading to 3D-sterescopic tweaking and finishing, from trailers to deliverables and restoration.
All this with real-time, full resolution operation right up to 4K.


Motion design, title design, logo animations. With our highly skilled operators and the latest software versions and plug-ins, ACE Image Factory lets you get the most from your graphics and VFX.



In response to our client's changing needs, we're offering 3D-stereoscopic services for VFX, full stereo for films shot in stereo and stereo conversion for footage shot in 2D.


We have a studio with CG workstations equipped with Maya (Mentalray), 3DSmax (V-ray), Syntheyes, Vue to create the coolest 3D VFX and animations.


We work with AVID MEDIA COMPOSER, FINAL CUT PRO and Premiere Pro. They allow an accelerated workflow for Alexa and Red footage and support full native ProRes.

Our set-up allows instant access for screening and editing of AVCHD clips, APPLE PRO RES and RED EPIC footage.

At ACE Image Factory, you can see your offline work projected on the big screen in our cinema room.


ACE Image Factory provides support for all data-acquisition projects and offers assistance and production management across all stages of your digital pipeline.  Our facility also offers workflow consultancy, digital dailies, rushes for editors and a full range of digital transcoding for commercials, feature films and broadcast.

- Transcodes from all RAW camera formats to all offline digital formats
- Transcodes direct to AVID and FCP media and projects

- Playouts from RAW to all video formats

- Secure backups to LTO4 tape and hard disk

- High resolution transcodes from RAW to DI data formats

- EDL and file structure management for easy conforms


We offer the unique possibility of viewing your offline work projected onto the cinema screen in our 15-seat theatre with fully calibrated Barco 3D-stereoscopic Digital Projector (DP90-P) boasts. A full-blown QUANTEL RIO allows you to see your color grading in real-time up to 4K on our cinema screen.


D-MAT is the unified Belgian standard for digital broadcast deliveries.
D-Mat ensures secured network transport for image, sound and metadata and delivers quality equivalent to digibeta for SD as well as full HD (1920x1080).

With the built in quality checks before sending, the full digital workflow has become the standard for digital tapeless broadcast copies in Belgium.

D-MAT SERVICES: just send your request for national and international deliveries to: 

You can find all technical delivery specifications for D-MAT encoding here.
If any questions you can also contact us on 32 2 735 60 20.

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