TV series directed by Cecilia Verheyden in a Menuet production.

World War II  has just ended. Nel, 18, and her mother live in a suburb of a Flemish provincial town. Nel is full of life, flamboyant, brimming with energy.  Eva, the new neighbours’ 18-year-old daughter, on the other hand, is a timid girl, inexperienced, lacking confidence. When the two girls meet at the liberation ball, an unlikely friendship burgeons between them. Their lives take sudden and surprising twists and turns, but their friendship remains unscathed.

This 10-episode series is a story about 'with and without you’.
More than 75 years of friendship. How do you cope with it? A story of love and disappointment, of conflict and longing. But above all a feel-good story, tinged with nostalgia and romance.

Main cast: Anemone Valcke, Veerle Dobbelaere, Charlotte De Bruyne, Veerle Eyckermans
Screenplay: Rita Bossaer, Dirk Nielandt, Pieter-Jan Verachtert, Nathalie Haspeslagh

Concept & senior writer: Ed Vanderweyden
DOP: Brecht Goyvaerts
Genre: tragicomedy
Length: 10 x 50 min.
Co-producer: VRT

Release: Autumn 2014


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